Love Thy Neighbor – The Gift of Giving and Importance of the Word of God in Ethiopia

The Jewish Voice Ministries International, featured on LoveWorldUSA TV, bases its mission around proclaiming the Gospel, while helping develop the Messianic Jewish community. The ministry does this by numerous humanitarian medical outreach projects, festivals, leadership, training, television, and more. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Benny Hinn are proud sponsors of the ministry, noting that the power of giving was God’s intention to us all, so we must give back in return. The Jewish Voice Ministry provides care for millions with the help of the Christ Embassy, combating hunger and suffrage throughout the world, through their commendable actions, while spread God’s Word wherever they go. Jonathan Bernis, Messianic Rabbi, president and CEO of the Jewish Voice Ministries International, provides wisdom and prayer throughout his sessions, preaching to the world around him. His channel focuses on sharing the Gospel with the Jewish people and fulfilling the commandment of “loving thy neighbor as thyself”. In this episode, he takes us to the dunes of Ethiopia, where only desert can be seen across the vast amount of land. The land is stricken with poverty and disease, a combination that leaves thousands of Ethiopians fighting for their lives every single day.

Jonathan Bernis began his powerful and eye-opening sermon by explaining the everlasting exile of the Jewish people, telling us the story of the Jews and their constant struggle to remain in their land because of their enemies, who persecute them time after time. His sermon focuses on the Jews who have fled to Ethiopia thousands of years ago, during the time of King Solomon. These communities still exist, living in poverty, persecution, and abandonment. The unfortunate situation is ongoing, as they face fatal diseases, as well as rejection by the countries around them and Israel as well. Fortunately, The Jewish Voice Ministries has taken the opportunity of giving back to the Ethiopian community, spreading love and Jesus throughout its people.

Jonathan Bernis

Jonathan Bernis, President and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International

As the verse “Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself” (Mark 12:31) states, the Jewish Voice Ministries set up numerous clinics, ranging from eye care to medical care, assisting thousands of Ethiopians in the northern area, bringing them the hand of the Lord and His healing power. These actions elevate the Word of the Lord, they enhance His being throughout the world. The ministry created a real-life miracle, saving thousands of lives and showing the importance of love and giving to the ones in need. Jonathan Bernis continues on to show the immense poverty of the people of the Bible, living in Ethiopia, showing how the Lord has kept them alive. The Jewish Voice Ministries is the first in the world to provide such advanced care for the Jewish community in Ethiopia with the hand of Jesus our savior. If you are interested in partaking in this miracle then contact 1-800-299-9274 or go online  today.

Ezra Benjamin

Ezra Benjamin, Director of Global Outreach, Jewish Voice Ministries International 

Furthermore, Jonathan Bernis continues to speak about the holiness of the people and their kindness, despite their suffering. We learn how important it is to give and spread God’s Word. An avid member of the ministry, Ezra Benjamin, is shown in front of the thousands of Ethiopians lining up for the medical clinics, showing us the immense gratitude yearning they have for the help of the ministry. The project exudes beauty, spreading spirituality and providing a sense of shelter and protection for the people of Ethiopia. They are blessed in each clinic, with prayers for their health and prosperity, for their families and for their communities. The LoveWorldUSA community is honored to be apart of such beautiful work, providing care for our fellow mankind and blessing them for all their lives, as Jesus would have done Himself.

To watch the full video and see the miracle for yourselves, click on the link  or call 1-800-299-9274.

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