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The LoveWorldUSA community is proud to report to you the latest news from our beloved Holly McClure. In her recent episode on LoveWorldUSA TV, she addresses political updates in the Whitehouse, the earthquake in Taiwan, the fatal roads in Iowa, and most importantly, the controversy over same-sex marriage cakes. Known for her delicious and savory baked goods, Cathy Miller is notorious in the secular world for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. A crucial matter in Christianity, the verdict has finally been made. Miller’s attorney said he would drop the case because of the strength of Judge Lampe, who stated that it is our first amendment right, as proud American citizens, to practice freedom of speech, as well as freedom to refrain from speech. Because of her devotion to the Lord and His principles, Miller decided not to bake the cake promoting same-sex marriage. She stated that her baked goods are a form of art and are created to send a message, she cannot encourage a message she does not believe in in the first place. his act received tremendous backlash and led to an unfortunate number of name-calling towards Miller. This also led to the couple filing a complaint against Miller, stating that she had violated the civil rights act addressing business denial based on race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. It has been found that Miller is, in fact, allowed to deny her services based on her own beliefs, and to not be forced to perform an action she does not believe in. It has also been reported that it is in the best interest of the United States to never reopen this case again. The LoveWorldUSA community commends all men and women who stand up for what they truly believe in and encourage everyone to continue to spread the Word of the Lord and walk in His way of life.

Holly McClure

Holly McClure, LoveWorldUSA

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