Marilyn Hickey: Alcoholism is an Evil Spirit!

Marilyn from the LoveWorld USA TV show Today with Sarah & Marilyn shared a personal video on her YouTube channel about alcoholism. She explains that this is a disease and that we need to stray away from alcohol as best we can. Alcoholism is a real epidemic for the young and old. Read all about it or watch the full video attached at the bottom of this article.

“I have something on my heart as a mother, as a grandmother, and recently I found out I’m a great grandmother. I have something on my heart that really can affect your life and your future, and your destiny. What I’m seeing and hearing a lot is the alcohol situation in our country. I am concerned about this. For one thing, I have made a study of it, because in our other building we had AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). I never got involved in drinking but I went to the AA meetings. They’re wonderful really, they’re more like people giving testimonies. They go around the circle and they’ll say: I’m Joe, I’m an alcoholic. And when they’d come to me I would say: I’m Marilyn I love alcoholics”.

“I began to see that alcoholism is a disease. When people begin to drink they open up their body to be diseased. That concerns me, because it is so common now on our campuses, in our high schools, in our universities, and even in the Christian universities. This is becoming a trend”.

“This is what I think can happen: we don’t know all of our genes and how we are. But there are certain people that if they drink, there is no question that they will become an alcoholic. No question because they have the genes for it. This is very serious because it can ruin their lives”.

“I started drinking some in high school and I didn’t like it. The reason I didn’t like it is because I read that it destroys brain cells. So I thought, hey I don’t have enough now, I don’t’ want to destroy any that I have”.

“This is my concern: when you see a liquor store, they call it spirits. And that’s true, alcohol can become an evil spirit in someone’s life. It opens the door to evil spirits. People do things they would never do. They beat their children, they kill people, and they would never think of doing that. But alcoholism is an evil spirit. So to play with it can be very dangerous”.

“You may say: well I just drink a little wine on occasion. But sipping saints can become slipping saints. But how do you handle it when you go to other countries and everybody drinks. It’s not a problem at all. I just say I don’t drink. When they ask why I say I’m a pastor and if people have a problem with drinking and they see me drink then they think its ok for them. I don’t believe drinking would hurt me, but I believe I believe I could cause others to stumble”.

“I don’t want to be stumbling block, I want to be a stepping stone for people”.

“I’m just sharing from my heart today about my great concern for our nation, for high school, even for junior high, for college campuses. When I go to AA and hear the results, and what people have lost in all of this. I don’t want you to be a loser. I want you to be a winner. God has something wonderful for you, and you don’t want the enemy to steal it”.

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