Two Weeks to Go – LoveWorldUSA Moving to Verizon!

Only two weeks to go until LoveWorldUSA joins America’s biggest network, Verizon. A milestone in the Believer’s LoveWorld community, this will lead to the ultimate expansion of the Christ Embassy, spreading the Holy message throughout the world. Evangelicals all across America are impatiently waiting for this moment, a crucial moment in time for the American people. It is not just the leading Christian channel, it is the beginning of an era. It will unite the Evangelical community and spread the Word of God in the way Jesus Himself wanted it to be spread.

In order to establish this, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Benny Hinn worked tremendously on incorporating their principles to suit the Evangelical community of North America. The programs on the channel will be appropriate for all audiences, ranging from shows for children to adults, to interviews, lectures, news, and more. The channel will be broadcasted across the East Coast, along with all major cities, impacting their communities and assisting all in need with their Christian missions. Hopefully, through the tremendous movement and achievements of the church itself, Christ Embassy will turn into the Christian hub for the whole entire world.


LoveWorldUSA Event


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