Black Panther – Just In Time for Black History Month

Black History Month is a time to celebrate African and specifically African American heritage, pain, and success. It is a month to celebrate not only past achievements but to also current black leaders and influencers that make us all proud. One of these well-acclaimed leaders is Rev. Chris Oyakhilome that is the mind and soul behind the LoveWorld USA TV channel. Pastor Chris believes that Christians everywhere can worship and practice their faith in harmony so long as they practice Chris’s Word.

In the month we’re celebrating Black History there is a new movie that’s about to make some history of its own. Is expected to make over 175M over the weekend. Many people don’t know anything about the Marvel comic character that was first introduced back in 1966. It has taken a long time to bring the kind and defender of the fictional African nation of Wakanda to the big screen. The character was finally introduced in 2016’s Captain America Civil War, and now gets to from and center in this latest film from the ever-expanding Marvel Universe of films.

The character of Black Panther starts out as a prince in a highly advanced African country that’s managed to hide its existence from the rest of the world. He becomes king, after the death of his father, and is quickly thrown into the world of Black Panther, with enhanced physical powers from a high-tech Black Panther suit and a purple plant we really don’t know what it is. Bozeman does an excellent job portraying his character’s journey of transformation which includes confusion, fear, and a growing sense of mission.

Director Ryan Coogler co-wrote the script and has populated the story with a long list of great characters including Angela Bassett who’s an outspoken Christian.

Black Panther is impressive, it is unique. It’s not really a superhero movie that happens to be populated by a mainly African-American cast, but it’s an excellent story filled with drama, a witty script, and lots of African heritage. It’s got intrigue, a lot of great superhero moments. It’s a worthy addition to the Marvel family of movies. What they’re saying in Hollywood is that this movie is probably going to swing the pendulum for getting more black films made.

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