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Holly McClure is at it again with her up-to-date news across the American nation, featured on LoveWorldUSA. In the previous segment, McClure discusses the recent attack on U.S. Vice President, Mike Pence, and his sincere belief in God. He addresses the ongoing criticism with poise and confidence, stating that his faith is the essence of his being and is genuinely upset by the reaction of the American people towards his belief. There are two important matters to consider in this situation, one being that this is America, the land of the free, and we must learn to accept the individuals around us and respect them, and the second is that as people of the Christian faith, we are taught to spread love, not hate, throughout the world. If the non-believers would just learn one thing from us, it should be that the Word of the Lord is a graceful one, one that touches all audiences. If we taught our fellow neighbors just a little bit more about the Holy Word, we would live in a more unified and loving America.

Mike Pence, Vice President

Mike Pence, Vice President

McClure also addresses the upcoming movie being released this weekend, Black Panther, in honor of Black History Month. The story behind the movie dates back to 1966, when the Marvel comics were introduced. This movie is historical, as it finally exhibits a strong African based character plot, including family drama, African heritage, divine superhero moments, amongst other exciting aspects as well. The movie is supposed to change the source of the film industry today, for both cultural, historical, and financial reasons.

In conclusion, it is extremely important to remember the heroic and strong presidents that we have had in the past and pray for our politicians, as they fight for their faith and attempt to spread the love that Jesus instilled in all of us. We thank them for their constant contribution to their people and for placing themselves on the line for us. We also continue to pray for the families of the victims of the Florida shooting, as well as the survivors. May they be blessed by the power of God and be healed.

The full episode on LoveWorldUSA can be found here.


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