Power and Love with Michael Koulianos on the Jesus Image TV show

Michael Koulianos is an Evangelist and founder of Jesus Image, an international ministry focused on bringing the saving and healing message of Jesus to the world. Michael served as pastor in Southern California from 2005-200. He spent seven years assisting in world missions and large crusades around the globe. He and his wife Jessica are also the hosts of “Jesus Image TV” airing on LoveWorld USA. His message of healing is from God, and just as is taught in the Healing School he attributes all success to the Lord and the faith we put in Him.

Michael is a young and youthful preacher talking to the hearts of young believers searching for a relatable man of God. In his sermons, it is evident that he feels Jesus in his heart and soul. I’ve curated a few highlights and point he made during the recent episode titled Power and Love (Dallas 2018). Scroll down to the end of the article for the full episode.

“This is the greatest hour to follow Jesus” – Michael Koulianos –

The episode kicked off with him talking and showing God’s healing power through our faithful bodies.

He began speaking to different people in the crowd asking them about their medical pain and suffering – Michael then proceeds to pray to the Lord for healing. This is the same thing people learn how to do in the Healing School. Michael reminds the crown that God doesn’t speak to your tongue, He speaks to your heart.

His background, as he explains in detail in the show, is Greek Orthodox, he started off life thinking Jesus was Greek. “When I found out he was Jewish I thought everyone lied to me. Until I read my Bible and understood Christ’s origin”.

His cousins were Archbishops in the Orthodox Church (Hong Kong and North and South America). They ran the church in all of those continents.

If you’ve ever watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, he notes as a humorous anecdote, “that’s our family minus the Windex, the Windex I’ve never heard of before”.

His humor and down to earth language allows the crown to connect with him in a unique way.

  • He spoke of his first healing experience through God, understanding that the Holy Spirit uses us as a vessel to do greatness. We must accept that it is not us but Him so that we can be closer to God.
  • The ultimate reward for sharing the Gospel is not just getting the person saved. The reward is more Jesus.
  • I love people most when I love Jesus most.
  • Leaning into what God is saying preserves what God has said over my life.
  • When God touches you, He’s not concerned about your dignity.
  • When He talks to you he’s after something in you too. What is He after? Romans 8:29 – Conforming you into the image of His son. That’s the goal, that you would look like Jesus.
  • Jesus is love itself.

If you need Jesus in your life at all moments don’t miss out on all the LoveWorld USA TV shows that are soon making the move to the Verizon network.

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