The Power of Our Prayer

This month’s global prayer week, enforced by the Man of God and LoveWorld USA’s founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, is occurring as we speak in Lagos. This powerful initiative was established to create a sense of change through our prayers and to motivate the church goers to influence the ones around them through their holy prayers. Pastor Chris delivers the Word of God beautifully in his sermons, featured on LoveWorld USA TV from 5-8AM and 11-2PM eastern time. We must pray for our society, for our loved ones, and for our great pastor, Pastor Chris, who has given us more than we can ask for, with the Hand of God. Please include him in your prayers, as he inspires the church daily with the power of his prayers. For more information on Pastor Chris, click here.

Last night, Pastor Benny Hinn ministered an uplifting and breathtaking sermon on prayer. It was informative, educational, and inspiring. He spoke about the power of prayer and our duty to keep speaking to God wherever we go. This was featured on his show, Your LoveWorld. He stated:

“I want to deal with the powerful revelations we’ve seen Lord’s Prayer on what is prayer because it really covers every area in life. What is prayer? It is the offering up of our desires for lawful and needful things. It is the pleading of our cause in God’s Court. It is seeking help in matters beyond our power. Prayer is the personal appeal to a personal God based upon his will. It is cooperation with God’s will and willingness” (Pastor Benny Hinn).


Pastor Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny Hinn

For more information on Pastor Benny Hinn, click here.

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  1. Hello I would like to know where I can be able to get pastor Benny Hinn’s and pastor Chris’s books/ materials. Thnx.Susan.Kampala. Uganda

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