Christian Persecution in Russia and Our Duty to Fight It

As we speak, there is Christian prosecution taking place in Russia. The LoveWorld USA community feels distressed upon hearing this news, as it addresses our faith and right to practice freely. The Islamic State terror group IS has claimed responsibility for a church shooting on forgiveness Sunday in Russia’s Dagestan region, where a radical, screaming Allahu Akbar, killed five Christians. The shooting occurred outside an Orthodox church on forgiveness Sunday, which is the beginning of the 40-day Lent period leading up to Easter. An unidentified bearded man ran toward church yelling Allahu Akbar, God is great in Arabic. When the church heard the shots they quickly closed the door so that he couldn’t get inside. He had a gun and a knife, the clergyman added. The attacker was shot dead by police at the scene. IS claimed responsibility. The attack left at least five other people injured. One of the wounded women had to have her arm amputated the same day. IS has carried several attacks in Russia over the years, the terror group stated that it was creating hell for the worshipers of the cross, in reference to its war on Russia’s Christian population. We must fight, continuously, for the sake of our Christian brothers and sisters in Russia. Together, we must pray that they are saved by the Hand of the Lord, as they battle this persecution every single day.

Flag of ISIS

Flag of ISIS

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