Are Faith Based Programs Becoming a Trend on TV?

For many years, we had the reality shows with really horrible things on TV that no one wanted to watch. Television networks have recently realized that they were losing their big audience of believers and people. Many networks are now realizing what LoveWorld USA TV specializes in, faith-based shows. And now with the move of the channel to Verizon, is so much easier to tune in to family friendly Bible content.

There is a new sitcom on TV that is literally a faith-based sitcom called The Year of Living Biblically. It was based on the true story and book, which follows a man who decided to live by every single preset recorded in the Bible. It’s going to come out on February 26th (CBS).

This is a humorous uplifting series and it explores questions of faith, existence, and science.

Faith is a very delicate topic, they certainly don’t want to offend anybody with the show. They said they’re getting stuff from the Bible, but it is also based on very fundamental rules. It’s based on values that all people, regardless of whether Christians or other subscribed to a different religion, or even no religion at all, you can all get behind it.

The notion of loving thy neighbor, not coveting, it’s better to give than to receive; these are all basic human life principles that everybody, we believe, in their hearts want to be practicing.

CBS isn’t the network focusing on faith, an ABC sitcom called Kevin Saves the World, explores what happens to a man when an angel of God sets him on a new path to save the world.

The increase in faith-based scripted programming on television is no coincidence. The networks have been actively seeking serious projects with spiritual themes over the past few years. While the success of each faith-based show has yet to be determined, one thing remains clear, Hollywood has found value in faith-based television.

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