A new Atheist Movement is trying to Make Christians Look Foolish

LoveWorld USA news aims to cover all relevant news for their Christ loving audience. On the most recent episode with Holly McClure, the episode showcases the dangers of new evangelist atheists.

Hank Hanegraaff has been around for a long time, for years he’s been on the radio. He’s known as the radio Bible answer man. He has a program, and he’s head of that organization. Hanegraaff warned against a new atheist evangelism tactics called Street Epistemology. The movement is designed to make Christians look foolish.

Hank Hanegraaff:

“Epistemology is the study of knowledge, and the epistemological question is: How do you know. This is the very question that atheist evangelists are asking theists and Christians, with a GoPro video recorder in hand. In other words the recording, the answer of the theist of the Christian. The idea is to capture the moment, then circulate the video footage through social media platforms. In doing so, they have the stated goal of eradicating the ‘virus’ of faith. It’s a so-called virus/disease.”

“Well quite frankly, Street Epistemology constitutes a service to contemporary Christianity. As Travis Dickinson points out in the Christian Research Journal: The lesson is that we need to rake our faith seriously. Instead, it seems that Christians have increasingly become intellectually lazy and apathetic about their faith.”

“So we need to turn the tables here for a moment because it tunes out that the atheist evangelists themselves are virtually blind to the meaning of faith.”

“The point of all of this is simply to say that atheist evangelists seeking to make Christians look foolish, foolishly contend that in the course of nearly millions of year’s reptilian scales become more and more like feathers until one day the perfect feather emerged. This on the basis of blind faith, rather than reason”.

Understand your faith

Boy, do we need to brush up on our answers. You need to know what you believe and why you believe it. You can make them look foolish. Faith is not something you can eradicate and get rid of. It’s not a virus. That’s almost so stupid, it’s funny.

If anyone approaches you on the street with a GoPro and asks well how do you know what it is you believe, you better be prepared to have an answer.

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