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An rare topic of discussion in the Christian world, depression is defined as a mental illness that negatively affects how one feels, how one acts, and how one thinks. In the previous Perspective episode, featured on LoveWorld USA TV, Natasha Hinn, Sharon Oyakhilome, Dianna Stafford and Stacey Edison discuss the struggles they faced whilst suffering from depression and the devil’s devious hand. This topic is not uncommon in the Christianity, as there are numerous signs from Matthew that indicate that the devil attempted to get his way throughout history. For instance, “He opened his soul to them. He said to them ‘My soul is very sorrowful, even to death’” (Matthew 26:38), teaching us that the devil’s evil ways have been an issue for years.

Perspective, featuring Sharon, Natasha, Dianna, and Stacey

Perspective, featuring Sharon, Natasha, Dianna,  and Stacey

Stacey Edison

Stacey Edison

Each woman featured on the episode shared their personal journey battling depression and how the only way they got out of it was by the Hand of the Lord and the power of Jesus. It was an extremely moving and supportive episode, authentic and real. The discussion ended off by speaking about the importance of our minds and how we must approach this illness with full force. The power is in our hands! We must thank the Lord for the strength he instilled in us, for the belief he has in us. “With Him, we are nothing!”, as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome would say. The whole LoveWorld USA community is blessed to have such a unifying and supportive community, to have one that discusses issues openly and emphasizes the importance of having the presence of Jesus with us in times of good and in times of bad.

Schedule for Perspective

Schedule for Perspective

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