Christo-phobia in Europe

There is a war on Christians worldwide, this should concern you. Europe has become the most secularized and spiritually antagonistic region in the world. The latest thing being spread across Europe is Christo-phobia. It is so serious that even wearing a Christian cross or any sign of religious affiliation may easily labeled offensive.

The same politically correct elites who constantly complain about Islamophobia and homophobia have nothing against practicing Christo-phobia. It is a widespread practice in popular culture in mainstream media to disrespect and ridicule Christians.

Little is said about the gross prosecutions against Christians in the Middle East, almost nothing from the mainstream media on these issues. Christians are told to expect nothing is they complain in Europe. Christo-phobia is so rampant that they have reached a stage where it’s considered ok to accept the slandering of their own religion and their cultural heritage in the name of progress.

A good illustration is the steadily ongoing debates regarding the public use of crucifixes in Europe.

“The crucifix has always been a sign of the offering of God’s love and of unity and acceptance for all mankind. It is sad that this should be considered as a sign of division, exclusion of limitation of freedom”

Can you believe that they’re against crosses?

Schools in Italy have faced this issue as the Catholic increasingly is faced with hostility. Recently, a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights banned crucifixes in Italian classrooms, on the grounds that they breach the rights of children of other religions. Politicians all over Italy reacted and said that regressive moves such as this are a death blow for European values and their Christian identity.

At a time when Italy is trying to bring back religion as a written important stabilizing factor in its disintegrating society, its very enemies turn out to be the extreme liberal elites. Citizens all over Europe, especially all over Italy have already responded by exhibiting the cross. They’re putting crosses on their clothes, putting them all around. Rome is the heart of the church with the Pope. Yet there’s an anti-Christian movement to forbid crosses in the public square.

Please pray for the Christians in Europe, especially in Italy. Pray that it’s not too late to bring God back into the hearts of the European people.

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