Justin Rivard, a Hero in the Making

LoveWorld USA TV is deeply saddened to report about the recent shooting in Florida. On a lighter note, a specific student from Somerset High School in Wisconsin, called Justin Rivard, created a device that will prevent active shooters from entering classrooms, in order to keep students safe. This product is made out of steel, which latched onto a door frame in order to bar entry. This device does not allow a door to open even a crack, meaning that students and staff can remain safe while emergency personal race to the scene of the crime. Two years ago, at the young age of fifteen, Rivard released his product online and sold it for $99. After months of refurbishing, Rivard is spreading his message throughout different schools across America. His school in Wisconsin has already ordered fifty of them, one for each room of the building. Rivard’s device has been found to be successful and he truly believes that the device will ultimately save lives. The LoveWorld USA community supports Justin Rivard’s production and wish him all the best in his endeavors, may the Lord bless him completely.


Justin Rivard

Just Rivard


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