Olympics Closing Ceremony

Ivanka Trump attended the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics on Sunday, saying the purpose of her visit was to advocate maximum pressure on North Korea to halt its nuclear program. During the closing International Olympic Committee, President Thomas Bach handed off the Olympic flag to the Mayor of Beijing, symbolizing the winter games journey over the next four years. From Pyeongchang South Korea to the Chinese Capital in 2020.

Beijing will be the first city to host the summer and winter games, having hosted the summer edition in 2008. The closing ceremony put on a magnificent display of fireworks, dance, and song. The US ended the games with men placing gold in curling. The Women’s hockey team won one gold. The US team’s first gold since the Americans won in 1998.

Outspoken Christian David Wise took home gold in the ski halfpipe. Wise recently said: “skiing for me has always been an act of worship to God and as long as it continues to be I’ll keep on skiing. I don’t treat my sport as something that’s meant to glorify me. I try my best to treat it as something that brings glory to God. I worship the creator by doing what I was created to do. He gave me the talent and continues to provide opportunities for me. So I’m going to go out there and use everyone as an act of worship. It probably helps that I really can’t sing or I’m an awkward dancer. When people ask me how I worship God, I tell them that I worship Him with my body, just in a different way than most”.

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