Persecution of Christians in Africa

The world is not always a sympathetic place for Christians to practice their faith. Pastor Chris does a great deal of world to help those affected by faith-based terror and prosecution. On a recent news episode on LoveWorld USA TV, Holly McClure reveals another devastating attack against Christians.

In Kenya, Al-Shabaab extremists are believed to have killed three Christians during an early morning raid on a primary school, about a hundred miles from Kenya’s border. A Christian teacher, his wife, and fellow Christian teacher were shot to death by extremists targeting Kenyans who travel to the region for work.

The sources explain that the extremists stormed the sleeping quarters of their primary school and proceeded to take the life of the three Christians.

“Open Doors has been working with the most difficult cases around the world of persecution in the most difficult areas to reach the most unreached people and you are amongst those who have been so deeply affected” (David Curry).

One of the teachers who survived the attack told a worker that one of the assailants said after the attack in the Somali language: “These infidels should be wiped out”.

Christians in the local community have fled the town following the incident due to fear that there could be increased violence against Christians in the area.

Pastor Christ said that we are very concerned about the selective kind of attack on non-locals who are also Christians in the region. Our church members are not safe.

A source at the hospital said that the teacher was able to survive by playing dead after he was shot in the hand. One of the assailants in the attack has been arrested, while two others remain at large.

Kenya ranks as the 32nd worst nation in the world when it comes to Christian persecution. Most of the persecution comes from Islamic militant group Al-Shabaab. The group, based in neighboring Somalia, has conducted numerous attacks targeting Christians in Kenya, a majority Christian country.

Last June it was reported that Al-Shabaab surpassed Nigeria’s Boko Haram to become Africa’s deadliest terror group. According to the African paper, Al-Shabaab attacks led to the death of over 4,000 people in the year 2016 alone. Al-Shabaab isn’t the only persecutor of Christians in Kenya.

Please pray for Christians living in north-eastern and the coastal regions of Kenya who’ve been severely traumatized by violent attacks, and face a great deal of antagonism from the Muslim society.

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