School Shootings in America

In a recent episode of LoveWorld USA News with Holly McClure, the tragic issue of School shootings in America was discussed. There are many different options on how to deal with this horrific issue. One Politician is trying to make a true impact.

With all the talk about school shootings, there is one person who can speak to that issue, because he actually survived the first mass shooting in Columbine, Colorado. House Minority Leader, Patrick Neville:

“I will never forget the day of April 20th, 1999 when my classmates and friends from Columbine high school rallied at my elementary school, Lee would. I will never forget singing along as a friend’s dad asked me, Pat have you seen my son. Unfortunately, he never saw his son again. I never want my kids to go through the same thing. I never want anyone to experience that father’s pain.”

“And so I offer this bill as a partial but effective remedy to the trouble we face. Some might ask, isn’t there something else we can do. Can’t we talk about banning A-15s or improving mental health or registering guns or simply banning them all together by going house to house to confiscate them. Sure we can talk about those things. If someone wants to introduce a bill on those topics we’ll debate them. Fact is we’ve been talking about them for some time. But what concerns me and my wife, and many of the other parents are questions like this. In sending my girls to school might I also be sending them to slaughter?”

“I’m tired of just taking I want to do something to protect our children. Not 10 years or 10 months from now, but now or soon as the governor signs this bill.”

Neville was a Columbine high school sophomore at the time of the 1999 mass shooting. He’s now pushing legislation that he says would protect students by getting rid of gun restrictions in schools. The current law creates a so-called gun-free zone in every k through 12 public schools. The common thing with mass shootings is that they occur in gun-free zones. Neville continues that more of his classmates would have survived the Columbine attack if the faculty had been armed.

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