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How young do you need to be to start a ministry? Are children and young adults too young to fully accept the Word? These are interesting questions for any church participant and believer. This week the girls on Perspective interview David Hernandez on the flagship show on LoveWorld USA TV. Don’t miss any episode now that it’s airing on the Verizon network across America.

Guest David Hernandez started preaching the gospel at the age of 13. It began when he gave his life to Jesus when he was 11. David comes from a long heritage of Pastors in his family. Third generation preacher of the gospel. He had the Word in him, but he had never experienced Jesus for himself. He knew him socially, historically, philosophically; but he did not know him personally. He was drawn by the spirit like many are when they’re saved. He gave his heart to Jesus. Once he did, there was something that was sparked deep within me, where he began to feel hunger to know Jesus the person.

When you start to fall in love with the Lord, you start to talk about Him, you want others to know about him. You hear about someone who is sick and you go, oh I know someone who could heal that.

Prayer begins as a discipline and then becomes a delight. You start with obedience to the Lord. Prayer is a practical discipline. Once you start praying, once you start reading the Word, you start to force your flesh to stay there until the flesh is so weak that you are enjoying the prayer. We have to be intentional about laying aside the time to seek the face of God. It’s impossible to accomplish nothing in prayer.

We sometimes have the tendency to be condescending in our approach to youth and young adults in ministry. As if they need the entertainment. The church will never be able to compete with the world when it comes to entertainment. But we can proper when it comes to cultivating that gift in someone, making sure that they’re on the right path. Give them the Word, give them the Holy Spirit. Our generation is crying out for something supernatural, something powerful. The church is backing away from that which our generation is crying out for.

We’re not going to win them with lights, music, entertainment, or culture; we’re going to win them with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The youth can understand much more than we think or imagine.

Watch the entire episode on LoveWorld USA or at the link below:

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