Dunamis School of Ministry in Nepal

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Meet DSM Director/Founder: Rev. Toni Haskell

She describes in the interview that they were sent there by the direction of God to pioneer the school. They believe that God has something very special in mind with the Nepali nation at this particular time. Nepal, she says, is in revival.

The vision of the school (Dunamis) is to activate what’s already going on and to position a new generation of leaders for harvest and for revival. God sent us here to bring freshness, a wind of the spirit, and to awaken gifts in people. The school has a strong belief in unity and the power of the church working together.

The recent graduating class included students from 28 different churches and three different nations.

Toni Haskell has a passion for the Word of God. The Lord led her to Nepal to pioneer the Dunamis School of Ministry in Kathmandu in 2010. Her passion and purpose is to raise up leaders in the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit who will affect their cities and nations through strong local churches. Toni’s passion for God’s plan to be established on the earth has caused her to boldly step into pursuits that are kind of out of the ordinary. Her ministry inspires others to take their place in His end-time plan.

The Interview:

Tell us about the situation of the church in Nepal, and the changes that you’ve seen

“Well it’s really tremendous, I went to Nepal in 2008 for the first time, and it was a strategic time. The civil war in Nepal had just ended and after my first visit, Nepal officially became a secular state, and they began writing a constitution.”

“I believe that God sent us there to bring new things because it’s a new day for the nation of Nepal. Even in the midst of that horrific earthquake in 2015, I was so impressed with how fast Nepal got back on its feet”

“Nepal is a beautiful nation with beautiful people. The church was founded only sixty years ago. The first Christians to come were through medical missions.”

You were talking about how there’s been a lot of miracles that have gone on since you’ve been there. Tell us about some of those miracles.

“Over 50% of student I’ve interview through the school have come to Jesus because of a significant miracle, either a healing or a delivery. Miracles are commonplace and that’s really why the church is growing so fast in Nepal. People come to Jesus to receive acceptance, love, healing, restoration, and we know that our Jesus provides that for people”.

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