Jerusalem Exhibition in the UN

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened an exhibition on Jerusalem in the UN, to reinforce Israel’s claim to the historic city as the Jewish people’s eternal capital. This would rebuke over 125 countries that support Palestinians claim to East Jerusalem. The exhibition traces Jews in Jerusalem back centuries before the Christians era. Netanyahu said it clearly shows the city’s long history cherished by the Israeli’s and friends of the Jewish people. This is being denied, he said, by those seeking to erase the history of our people, our connection to our lands, and our connection our eternal capital Jerusalem.

Benjamin Netanyahu:

“This exhibit would not have been possible ten years ago and this exhibit will be unnecessary ten years from now. We are changing the world. We are changing Israel’s position in the world, and above all, we’re making it clear that we fight for the truth and for our rights. We also fight for security. I’ve had remarkable meetings this week with the President of the United States, with the leaders of Congress, the Senate, and the House; Republicans and Democrats alike. With a wonderful crowd at AIPAC, 18,000 strong, with 500 business leaders. I told them, invest in Israel, it’s the future. I spoke with Ambassador Nikki Haley. She does magnificent work for the truth and for the defense of Israel here at the UN.”

Nikki Haley is indeed an outstanding woman.

Among the items in the exhibition is the Tel Dan Stele from the 8th to 9th century BC, which has the first known historical evidence of King David from the Bible.

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