A Wrinkle in Time

What has Holly McClure from LoveWorld USA news have to say about the new A Wrinkle in Time movie?

A Wrinkle in Time is based on the children’s book by Christian author Madeleine L’Engle. It’s a story about Meg and her brilliant little brother Charles Wallace, whose scientist father went missing five years ago after discovering a new planet in the concept of space travel. Meg is a teen misfit in school who is bullied, sad and lonely; feeling the absence of her dad. One day when her classmate Calvin walks her home from school, they’re visited by supernatural travelers (featuring Oprah Winfrey). Meg discovers her father’s being held prisoner by a terrible power, and only she and her brother can set him free.

The PG adventure fantasy is intended for eight to twelve year old because of a couple of scenes that may be too intense for younger kids. In the book, the three misses are supposed to be angels or messengers of God. But the goofy behavior, bizarre colorful costumes, bright glitter makeup, and weird hairdos, especially of the glammed up Winfrey, feel anything but angelic.

It’s a great moment in the story when Meg discovers she can be a hero. And the CGI is impressive visual fantasy. But the uneven script, weird scenes, political correct diversity, and casting. For example, Meg’s a redhead girl in the novel but the director casted her to be biracial, with a white father and a black mother. In addition to the women are strong, men are weak themes, veered from the novel and it’s faith message. This could be disappointing for fans of the book.

Younger girls may enjoy this movie, but that leaves out a lot of potential audiences. The movie felt more like a message of new age than faith.

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