Craig Morgan’s tragedy and how he overcame it through God

It’s always wonderful to hear from popular artists that maintain a relationship with the Lord even in the hardest of times. LoveWorld USA broadcasted an interview with the amazing Christian artist Craig Morgan describing the path he went through with God to help him overcome the immense tragedy of losing his son a couple of years ago.

In 2016, Jerry Greer went missing, following a tubing excursion on a Tennessee lake. One day later, police recovered his body. Although he was wearing a life jacket, he failed to resurface. Craig Morgan, an Army veteran turned country singer, known for hits like “That’s what I love about Sunday”, said that while his son’s death was the hardest thing his family has ever experienced their faith has carried them over the last two years. “It’s only through our faith that we’re able to navigate these adversities,” he said, “we know God’s real and we think eternally. As Christians, we try on focus on that eternal life, more so than the life here on this earth. That’s the only way I’m able to deal with it. Knowing that my son was saved, and he had a faith in God”.

While Jerry’s life was cut unexpectedly short, his passion for Christ made a lasting impact on those around him.

“My son was not an openly spiritual vocal person, but he was a saved young man. He was also a 19-year-old who experienced all of the things a young man in college would experience. So to hear that he had an impact on so many was so inspirational and motivating”.

The pain of losing a child was deeper than anything he’d ever felt. Now Morgan, his wife Karen Greer (50), their surviving three children Ally (29), Kyle (26), and Wyatt (20) are using their platform to inspire others to live every moment for the glory of God.

Craig Morgan:

“As a country artist, my major accomplishments have to be having the most played song of the year in 2005, 18 Top-tens, three number 1s. I would say the epitome of all of that I have accomplished is having been made a member of the Grand Ole Opry.”

“As the dad, in dealing with all of this, it’s a real struggle. After Jerry had passed I started whittling and I would go to my shop for therapy. I went out there and I cried, and I started making a bowl, and then I made a spoon. Before you know it I had a bunch of them. Then my daughter decided to sell them on Facebook.”

“I do believe with every fiber that’s in me. I believe that He was a big part of this.”

The new Morgan family strong follows the family as they run the gallery at the Morgan farms in Tennessee selling homemade spoons, bowls, and other crafted goods, a hobby Morgan initially turned to a way to coping with his loss of his son. Cameras also capture the family at home in Morgan’s life on tour all while highlighting the family’s commitment to their faith.

“I profess my faith from the stage for the last 17 years of my touring life,” Morgan said, “I’ve never hidden my faith, I’ve never denied it and it’s very prevalent in the show, my whole family is that way. We’re a very spiritual close-knit family. We felt like we had the opportunity again in light of having lost our son to inspire people and hopefully motivate audiences to want to do good. What we’re dealing with as a family right now is the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. But Christ has been there the whole time. Christ sees everything, he knew this was coming and he’s with us as a family. My objective is to not let Him down. I hope that when people watch this they’re inspired to know that God is real and good, but he’s even more real in the bad times. He’s ever-present and ever loving.”

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