Evangelicals Helping Fulfill a Biblical Prophecy, Bringing Jews to Israel

Did you know that prophesy right now is being fulfilled? In the Bible it said the Jews will return to Israel, Jewish immigrants are some of the thousands being brought to Israel, not just by traditional Jewish donors, but by Evangelical Christians. This arrival has been organized by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. What was once a strictly Jewish funded mission to bring Jews to Israel, is increasingly being bankrolled by Evangelical Christians. Israel’s Christian allies now fund a third of all immigrants moving to the country.

The figure represents a tightening relationship between Israel and its Evangelical Christian allies whom Israel has come to count on from everything from political support to tourism dollars.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein:

“Christians have directly brought over 750,000 Jews to Israel. It started with the Russian Jews, continued with Ethiopian Jews, and then with some of the lost tribes of Bnei Menashe from India. Today we bring Jews from 28 countries, growing each year.”

Evangelical Christians make up a sizable segment of the tourism industry and perhaps most importantly, white Evangelical helped propel President Donald Trump to victory. Their continuing support helped underpin Middle Eastern policies, which are perceived as favoring Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called Evangelicals some of the country’s greatest friends. Immigration to Israel, known as Aliya (literally ascending), was championed before the creation of the state by European and American Jewish philanthropists who devoted their cash to the settling of Jews. Of the more than 28,000 Jews who immigrated to Israel in 2017, at least 8,500 of them arrived thanks to Christian donations.

Another prominent group that also raises money for the Evangelicals, the Jewish agency receives additional undisclosed funds from Christian donors. Meaning that the share can be even higher. Evangelical Christianity is one of the world’s fastest-growing religious movements. Of the world’s estimated 2 billion Christians, some 700 million are Evangelicals.

Evangelicals say their affinity for Israel stems from Christianity’s Jewish roots and an anticipated messianic age when all nations of the earth will flock to Jerusalem.

Mike Evans:

“I believe that Evangelicals support Israel because they connect Israel to their faith. Their Bible is Jewish Bible, their messiah is a Jewish Messiah, and it’s a connection. It’s a DNA that goes back to Sunday school and to their very being. It’s a love affair, it’s a romance with a nation that is connected to heaven and earth”

Christian support for Aliya began with the collapse of the Soviet Union and has expanded in recent years amid changes in American Jewish giving. We don’t see any reason why not to rely on help, including donations from all our friends from around the world, be they Jewish, Christian or others.

The Aliya project, which has brought thousands of Jews to Israel, providing them with financial assistance once they arrive, in addition to what they receive from the state. As well as offering services to cushion the new arrival’s landing.

We are living in times when Bible prophecy is being fulfilled, that is part of scripture, from the Old Testament and New Testament. That the Jews would return to Israel, the ones that have been cast out to other lands. Read your Bible and you’ll find out.

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