Worshiping in Secret

In a hidden location in the Middle East, LoveWorld USA discovered news of a group of female church leaders gathered in secret to grow and learn together. These women are forced to blend into the anonymous mass of covered heads and hide their faith, risking their lives. The light of Christ, however, cannot be stopped. Tala was the first to come to terms with her faith in her Muslim family and has led more family members to Christ, including two of her older sisters. The sister’s decision to live for Christ came at a high price. She said “we started reading the Bible together, but when my father found out we’d become Christians he was so angry, and did all kinds of things to try to make us lose our faith. For instance he locked us up and forbade us from eating at the same table with the family. He even made the sisters go to a mullah” a leader specifically trained to persuade new Christians to convert back to Islam. It did not work and they prevailed. “After we left the mullah told our father that our faith was impossible to shake and that we’d even shared the gospel with him.” When nothing changed the daughter’s convictions, Tala’s father took an even more drastic approach and forced Tala’s sister to marry a strict Muslim man that now controls her every move. She can’t attend the house church anymore, and in fact she’s barley allowed to contact her brothers or sisters. Tala is one of the few leaders in the country who work with children, which can be very hard she says.

“My father has become softer in his approach to me, he sees how my sister and I keep treating him with love even though he persecutes us. I pray that this will be the start for him to get to know Jesus.”

We at LoveWorld USA pray for the best for the women as they continue to fight for what they believe in.

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