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Do violent video games and violent media consumption, in general, cause children to become violent themselves? It’s a debate that’s heated up in the wake of the Florida school shooting and one that took center stage at the White House this month. President Trump has made video games a focus as he looks for solutions to gun violence after the massacre in Parkland Florida.

He’s publically bemoaned the abundance of violence that media easily is accessible to children, including his young twelve-year-old son Barron. The President’s viewpoint is sharply challenged by the video game industry, whose leaders came to the White House along with one of its most vocal critics, the Parents Television Council.

The industry contends that decades of research have failed to show a direct link between gun violence in real life, and gun violence in videos, TVs, and movies. But groups that advocate for greater parental control say research shows a definite correlation between violent media consumption and long-term harm to children. The entertainment industry is still fighting to maintain the status quo and is not ready or willing to confront the impact that media-violence has on our children. But time is up for the entertainment industry to put a stop to marketing graphic explicit and age-inappropriate content to our children.

Violent video games desensitizes kids to real-life violence, encourages them to resolve disputes with violence and gives them an unfair sense of their environment around them. Making things in the world seem more dangerous than they really are. Given the billions that advertisers spend every year to change behavior, it’s ludicrous to believe that violent media consumption is not influencing children’s behavior.

The Entertainment Software Association released a statement prior to the White House meeting saying that studies have found no connection between games and real-life violence. While the meeting didn’t end with a final solution, President Trump was attentive and listened to everyone’s perspectives.

Tim Winter:

“We were proud to be included at the table. We hope that this is just the first step towards meaningful reform, meaningful remedies, and solutions to our real-life gun violence.

The Parents Television Council have been fighting for years against the pornography industry. When you’re watching television, the Council have had actual shows removed for being inappropriate. They’re a great organization. They are telling the truth. Violent media does affect children.

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