Tensions are High in Austin, Texas

LoveWorld USA brings you the latest from Austin Texas, where an alert after two package bomb blasts killed a teenager and wounded two women in Austin on Monday. Less than two weeks after a similar attack, leaving a man dead in another part of Texas’ Capital. Investigators said the bombings are probably connected, and they’re looking into whether race was a factor because all of the victims were minorities. The blast unfolded just as the city was swelling with visitors from the South by Southwest music festival. The first of Monday’s attacks killed a boy (17) and wounded a women (40), both of them black.

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

As Police Chief Brian Manley held a news conference to discuss that attack, authorities were called to the scene of another explosion that injured a 75 year old Hispanic woman. The woman was taken to a hospital with potentially life-threatening wounds. Authorities urge the public to call police if they receive any unexpected packages or see anything suspicious. The Austin police at first suggested that the blast could constitute a hate crime but later admitted that authorities had not settled on a motive. The police chief refused to provide many details about the explosives, citing the ongoing investigation. He did say they were an average sized letterbox. In all three cases, the packages did not appear to go through the US Postal Service or private carriers like UPS. The packages were left in the doorstep without a knock or ringing of the doorbell. We pray for the safety of the nation and the power of the Lord during these times. May He protect us all!

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