LoveWorld USA’s Perspective

LoveWorld USA’s episode of Perspective examines the meaning behind God’s hand and the power of the media over our strong faith. This is an extremely important topic we face, especially now. They offer a honest and open approach on how we can bring God into our daily lives, while still immersing ourselves in the modern day culture. They touched upon the topic of news coverage and how we are now programmed to face every day with tension and fear, and forget to trust in the Lord. They also speak about the importance of education and the impact it will have on the younger generation. For instance, they stress that raising your children to love God and His Word, while still being exposed to aspects of people’s lives that are not aligned with what he says, is very difficult to grasp. They offer personal stories and opinions on how we can continue to praise the Lord, even during difficult, and more modernized, times.


The full video can be found here.

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