Join Jentezen Franklin on his Israel Tour!

Jentezen Franklin is the host of the esteemed show Kingdom Connection. The program airs on LoveWorld USA TV now on the Verizon network. Jentezen is a very spirited man, finding the connection to God in every place in his life.

He is currently planning a tour to the Holy Land this coming November. He made a special video promoting the trip to Israel. His message of God through his show on LoveWorld and his different YouTube videos change the lives of those who believe in Jesus Christ.

This trip is a reminder of how important and special the connection Christians have to the Holy Land. It is where Jesus came from. It is where so many of the Bible stories occurred. So many men of God have made this trip, including our very own Pastor Chris and Benny Hinn.

Jentezen Franklin:

“We are very excited to go on a 10-day tour of Israel. We’ve done this about twelve or thirteen times and this coming November is going to be the best yet. I would love for you to join. Join Cherise and me for this ten-day tour of the Holy Land.”

“We’re going to be doing baptisms in the Jordan River, can you imagine! Visiting the garden of Gethsemane. We’ll be praying and having services all over the Holy Land. I’ll preach from the Mount of Olives.”

“I’m telling you, it will change your Life! We’re so excited for this trip, and we hope that you will join us. There’s no doubt about it, this trip will completely change your life.”

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