What happens to God’s creatures when they die?

Marilyn Hickey is a well-known preacher and speaker of the Word of God. For decades she’s found new ways to innovate the experience of her message, bringing believers closer to their faith and to God. Among the many great programs she leads, Marilyn has a show on the LoveWorld USA TV channel. The program shares the values instilled by our man of God, Pastor Chris, and the entire Christ Embassy church.

Additionally, Marilyn is very much active on different social media outlets, including using her own YouTube channel as a platform to praise the Lord. She regularly answers questions from listeners through her videos #AskMarilyn.

Her latest segment was on the topic: what happens to God’s creatures when they die?

Marilyn Hickey:

What happens to animals, our pet, when they die? A lot of animals have a lot of personality. My children had poodles growing up. But there comes a time when a pet dies. When our dog died, it was very hard on my children. Of course, they wanted to bury their pet, they wanted to believe that he would be in heaven.

That got me thinking. Do animals go to heaven? When I read the Bible, I find out that there are animals in heaven. Especially in the book of Revelation. They’re talking about all kinds of horses and animals. I see snakes, which we may not like, but they are still animals. I see all these various animals talked about in the Bible in heaven.

Read the book of Revelation! Get a revelation in Revelation.

I personally believe that there are animals and pets in heaven because God loves us and He provides us with those things and they are his creation.

You may think I’m wrong, I could be, but I don’t think I am.

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