Displacement in Congo

It’s not uncommon to encounter displacement, hunger, and suffering in the African continent. LoveWorld USA News made a point to try and give coverage to this horrifying reality. There are also many foundations that aim to help those in need. One of which is the Inner-City Mission founded by the philanthropist, Pastor Chris.

Impunity or the exemption from punishment or consequences has been the bedrock of human rights violations in the Kasai region in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where over a million people have been displaced in the last year. Bacre Nidaye, t0he team leader of an international team of experts, set up by the UN Human Rights Council, to investigate human rights violations in the Kasai region.

Bacre Nidaye:

“One of the main purposes of the investigation is to share our findings with the judiciary in Congo, to make sure that they’ll bring an end to impunity. Because impunity has been the bedrock of these human rights violations. We try to bring our contribution to the end of impunity. There is a huge humanitarian crisis, maybe the worst in the world today, specifically the situation today in Kasai. People have been uprooted, schools have been burned, churches and other places of worship have been burned. People are either displaced in their own country, which is the majority, or in neighboring countries (tens of thousands in countries like Angola).”

“We believe that the response to this humanitarian crisis is really far below the needs, only 15% of the need has been covered. Despite what is called ‘donor fatigue’, the problem is people are unfortunately are victimized. We try to prevent the situation from developing by encouraging immediate international assistance to these victims.”

The human rights council earlier called for action to address the humanitarian crisis. The team of experts is expected to present a report to the Human Rights Council during its next sitting in June.

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