Christian Prosecution in Myanmar

LoveWorld USA TV is an amazing outlet to receive all the important news a faithful Christians needs. With the outstanding host, Holly McClure, the show airs segments about the news you may not hear about on the traditional mainstream media. Read your Bible, and through Rhapsody of Realities, you will learn that we must look out for each other, especially for minority Christians around the world. This following story is a testament to how much we need to inform, ourselves of the treatment Christians receive around the world.

More than 100,000 Christians from Myanmar are seeking refuge in Malaysia after being forced to flee their homes due to religious persecution. Only 6% of Myanmar’s population are Christians and about 4% are Muslims. According to a disturbing report by the United Nations, the Burmese military and police have committed crimes against humanity during a four-month crackdown on the Rohingya Christians and Muslims. The report included chilling accounts of babies and children being stabbed to death, tortured, forced labor, and even rape. In some instances, Buddhist monks have invaded church properties and built Buddhist shrines on church premises.

The Buddhist Muslim or tribal families of converts who aim to stay Buddhist only make life for Christian families impossible by persecuting believers and often ostracizing them from society.

Being a Christina in Myanmar, also known as Burma, is extremely difficult. About 90% of the people practice Buddhism. Extremists Buddhists persecute religious minorities because their teachings on what they believe to be true are threatened.

Pastor Ming has found following Jesus to be especially challenging. He faced starvation, has been attacked and had his church shut down.

Pastor Cho Ming:

“My church members have lots of problems. Some believers come from a Buddhist background. Some come from a Muslim background. But because they believe in Jesus, they were abandoned by their parents…abandoned by the community.”

Once expelled, new Christians turn to the church because they don’t have anywhere else to live.

“I’m a Pastor, so they come to me. My church is very small, but I accommodate them. I don’t own the land – I rent it. But I feed those who come to me as much as I can. I find different jobs for them earning 27 cents per day. And at night I teach them the Bible.”

Government opposition and extreme poverty make it especially difficult for Pastors to provide for their families.

“I can’t afford to accommodate new believers and feed them or provide Bibles for them in the long run. There was a time in Myanmar when no one was distributing Bibles for free and I couldn’t afford to buy Bibles for them.”

Another leader, Pastor Vung, started building a church but the government continues to prevent it from completing.

Pastor Nanda Vung:

“We cannot process our building construction. All of our family, my wife, and the family were always crying. So we are asking questions of God, why it happens to us. We pray that God will complete our construction.

Kay – Catholic Nun:

“We need a lot of prayers because prayer changes things and things change the lives of people”

Prayer Points:

  • We know the Bible has the ability to soften the hardest of hearts; they ask that many would receive the Word of God as truth in Myanmar and have it transform them.
  • Pray that Christians will remain faithful despite challenges

The UN Human Rights Office said it was impossible to safely send Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh back to Myanmar because of the widespread and systematic violence. UN assistant, secretary-general for human rights, Andrew Gilmore, conducted a four-day visit to Bangladesh. He gave an amazing report telling how these people were repeatedly brutally tortured, raped.

Myanmar was ranked 28 on Open Doors (2017) in the world watch list of the top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith. Please pray for those people because they have nowhere to go and they’re trying to seek help.

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