The Power and Importance of the Lord within Our Homes

LoveWorld USA’s Holly McClure gives us the latest in global news. She discusses Trump, Russia, domestic fires, and the importance of faith within a household. McClure discusses Tim Tebow’s belief in God, his previous interview, and the way he was raised. Tebow is known for his strong faith and Christian practices, as he shares with a reporter in his recent interview. He approaches the topic of homeschooling, as he was home schooled himself, and the way he was brought up. He stresses that importance of values and work ethic, as he was taught himself by his mother and father, and the concept of fighting the status quo. He is a strong advocate in the method of homeschooling and stresses how his parents instilled the love of God in each child. His faith is what guides him, he states, and believes that everything is a gift from God. It was their Christian belief, says Tebow, that encouraged his parents to home school him and began every morning with a prayer group.

May we all learn from Tim Tebow and his success, and the whole LoveWorld USA community wishes him the best! His faith is an inspiration to all and we should continue to spread the love and light that Jesus had.

The full video can be found here.

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