A Bible Miracle

Miracles are everywhere in our lives, a big part of being a believer is searching and finding the Lord in every small thing in our life. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, our man of God, constantly preaches about the how the Supernatural is all around us. Miracles can be symbolic, like the story following, or marvelous like the stories we hear from the Healing School. Regardless, miracles are a testament to God’s existence in our lives.

A South Carolina family is holding on to their Christian faith and sharing of the miraculous survival of their Bible in the midst of a fire that destroyed their home of 17 years.

A couple of weeks ago, the home of this Christian family when up in flames, nothing but ashes and rubble remain. But if you take a look inside the bedroom a real miracle appears before your eyes. There was one nightstand that was caught in the fire, but one thing on that nightstand survived: a Bible.

Wendy Crawley reads her favorite verse from the Bible:

“…and be content with what you have, because God has said, Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5)

The Bible was one of the only things that survived the fire that took her home.

Wendy Crawley:

“It [the Bible] was completely unprotected. It was wide open all the things around it were burned. Everything in there was destroyed and there laid my Bible”

The home Wendy and her family lived in caught fire and destroyed everything. She can still hear the cracking of the fire when she closes her eyes.

“I think I was numb, I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t hit me for about three days”.

She was then shocked days later when they were walking through the ashes to find the Bible that sat on her nightstand, always there to remind her to find the good in every situation.

“It’s got some smoke damage and the pages were completely wet, but there’s not a page destroyed”.

Now, in a time when they’re picking up the pieces, she’s thankful for this sign of faith.

“It’s easy to find God when things are going good but when you step in the midst of all of this and find Him…it’s comforting”.

This is real, but it’s not just a miracle, which is to say a wonder from God meant to inspire us by telling us that he was there that day. She said it’s what the New Testament called a sign, which is to say a message to his people.

That is a great sign!

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