God’s Not Dead – A Light in Darkness

A Light in Darkness is the third installment of the movie God’s Not Dead.

Holly McClure from LoveWorld USA news knows the people at Pure Flix, David White is one of them. White plays the preacher in this movie, he’s also been in all the other movies. He actually acts in most of his films.

Pure Flix has a Christian website where you can go look for Christian film movies. So if you like that faith-based movie genre, and you’re looking for movies without bad language and without violence that tells good stories, you should check out Pure Flix. You can download and rent movies and then watch them when it’s convenient for you. They have great Christian films and have been doing this for years with a library for of profanity-free video material.

It’s encouraging to see Christian filmmakers now putting movies in theatres every week and month for us to see. Many say this is the best one of the three.

God’s Not Dead is pretty relevant to today. With what’s taking place with the hatred against Christian faith and against churches. The battle of people coming against people of faith and religion is real. It happens not only in politics but also in schools and on campuses. These issues are portrayed in the movie making the film very realistic.

I like that he gets angry that someone burnt down his father’s church, and he’s so filled with that rage and anger. It motivates him to pay it back and get the church back. Have you ever felt that way? Sure, we all have. Haven’t we’ve all been angry at something at times in our lives where you feel helpless and the need to turn to God.

Redemption is the most important theme here, and with Easter Weekend just behind us, seeing a film where there is redemption and forgiveness and where non-believers and believers can come together. Where people can define what their faith is, it all brings you more in focus to the fact that Easter is about what Jesus did on the cross.

No matter what you did, no matter what you’ve done, no matter who you are, Jesus died for you. He died for your sins. That is such a comforting fact to know. Lord thank you; that no matter how ugly we are sometimes on the inside, there’s still hope. God’s always to say that’s okay and pick up and redeem what the cankerworm has eaten and restored us.

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