Google Skipped Easter this Year

For the 18th year in the row, Google has no doodle to celebrate Easter, and Christians were angry about it. Google has a doodle for every obscure day and holiday but when it comes to Christian holidays like Easter or Christmas they don’t offer a religious thing, leaving their famous logo blank.

Google’s eraser of Easter, which celebrates Christianity’s core belief that Jesus rose from the dead following the crucifixion. This brought on lots of snarky tweets from people who know the snub, showing the blank Google homepage of the day, ignoring Easter.

Actor James Wood tweeted: “they loathe Christians plain and simple”. In a response, Google said it celebrated Easter in its own way with a tweet noting the holiday, which was definitely not as visible as the former. The last time Google celebrated Easter was on April 23rd, 2000, with two candy eggs for the O’s in ‘Google’.

Google said they don’t have doodles for religious holidays in line with current doodle guidelines. Curious to know that there are doodle guidelines. Google in a statement: “doodles may appear for some non-religious celebrations that have grown out of religious holidays, but we don’t include religious imagery or symbolism as part of these”.

Another form of bias against Christians? You’ll have to google it.

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