New York Times Bestseller Author, “Imagine Heaven”

Have you ever wondered about heaven? Easter reminds us of the resurrection of Christ and that He waits for us in heaven. Heaven is an important part of what Jesus died for, our chance to spend eternity with Him and our Lord.

If you are as excited as we are to discover and meet Jesus you should check out the book ‘Imagine Heaven’ by John Burke, it will answer all your questions and more. In the book, he interviews hundreds of people who experienced near-death experiences; including doctors, college professors, people of all ages and culture. They all point to a picture of heaven that’s promised in the Bible.

Your life is going to be changed after you read this book.

Burke has done something that hasn’t really been done before. He takes a look at the biblical counts of having an eternity (making the book extremely scriptural), then doing a study of a thousand near-death experiences and compare and contrast those accounts in a fascinating way.

John Burke:

This story began in my pre-faith days, I’m a Pastor now, but I wasn’t always a believer. I was skeptical, but my dad was dying of cancer. Someone actually gave him the first book that coined the term ‘near-death experience’. I saw the book on his nightstand, I picked it up and I read it in one night. What fascinating is that at the end of reading it I said; oh my gosh Jesus you’re real. This wasn’t even a Christian book, but that was the conclusion I got from just reading these stories.

That kind of opened me up, and over the next year I got invited into a small Bible study group that’s really where I understood grace, I understood what Jesus had done for me. I went from a career in engineering then into the ministry eventually.

But I was always curious about these near-death experiences I had read about. So over the past thirty plus years, I‘ve read and studies about a thousand of them. What I’m trying to do in Imagine Heaven is help people see the commonalities across the spectrum.

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