Islamists Kill Four Christians

On Tuesday, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for murdering four Christian family members in Southwestern Pakistan, a day after Easter celebrations. The militant group issued a statement saying ISIS fighters on Monday opened fire on the group of Christians traveling in the capital of Balochistan province.

The Christian family was traveling to the city which is known for its large Christian community. The family sought off to visit their relatives but their vehicle was intercepted by militants who then shot them. It appears to have been a targeted attack and it was an act of terrorism. Police said the terror attack came just a day after Christians around the world celebrated Easter Sunday. The Pakistani Christian community, the second largest minority group in the country, consists of over two million Christians.

Balochistan province, which borders Iran and Afghanistan is known for violence against minority groups, mostly perpetrated by Sunni Islamist groups linked to the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and the Islamic State.

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