The Continuous War on Christians in Europe

A war on Christians in Europe. It has become one of the most secularized and spiritually antagonistic regions in the world. LoveWorld USA News provides another update on the worrying trend of the anti-cross agenda in many European countries. Countries that are traditionally seen as Christian are now being high jacked by liberals claiming to protect freedoms when in fact they are blocking Christian’s freedom of religion. The latest being spread across Europe is Christo-phobia, it is so serious that even wearing a Christian cross or any sign of religious affiliation may easily be labeled offensive. Make sure to keep up with all Christian news on LoveWorld and KingsChat so that you never miss an update.

The crucifix has always been a sign of the offering of God’s love and of unity and acceptance for all mankind. It is now said that this should be considered a sign of division, exclusion, and limitation of freedom.

Many in Europe claim that religion should not be taught in schools, they call the cross useless; saying there are children of other religions in the classroom that shouldn’t have Catholicism forced on them. Others say everyone is free to express their own religion and there shouldn’t be crosses in classrooms.

The Saint-politically correct elites, who constantly complain about Islamophobia and homophobia have nothing against practicing Christian-phobia, a widespread practice in popular culture and mainstream media to disrespect and ridicule Christians. Little is said about the gross persecutions against Christians in the Middle East. Almost nothing from the mainstream media on these issues. Christians are told to expect nothing if they complain.

Christian-phobia is so rampant in Europe that Christians have reached a stage where it’s considered okay to accept slandering of their own religion and cultural heritage in the name of progress. Europe’s roots lie in its Christian identity, yet it’s very enemies turn out to be extreme liberal European elites.

Church, please pray for Christians in Europe. Pray that it’s not too late to bring God back into the hearts of the European people.

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