Public Figures Choosing to Make the Journey to Israel

Traveling to the Holy Land has for generations been the peak of the spiritual journey of any Christian. It symbolizes our closeness to the Lord Jesus Christ, coming back to the land in which he was crucified. This coming May Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, our man of God, will be making a grand visit to Israel. It is an event you can’t miss. Many Pastors and other public figures choose to document their journey so that others can follow in their grace.

We’re seeing God more and more in our news, our politics, and even our entertainment.We’re even seeing actors like TV host Mario Lopez confess his faith on national television. Mario recently went to Israel visiting various holy sites where Jesus taught and preached. He visited destinations like the Sea of Galilee and the place where Jesus is thought to have delivered his famed Sermon on the Mount.

What was most impressive to see was Mario getting baptized in the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. He even filmed his experience for his show Extra.

What a wonderful experience!

The father of two said faith was important for his family and to keep the right perspective in the entertainment business.

Pastor Chris will also be visiting the Holy Land, make sure to keep up to date with his every move, in preparation and in action:

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