Donald Trump Supporters not welcome at the Cheesecake Factory?

When you go to a restaurant and you wear clothing that has names on it, maybe even a hat that supports President Trump, you don’t expect to be harassed. This was not the case for 22-year-old Trump supporter who was verbally attacked by the staff at a Miami Cheesecake Factory restaurant. He had a “Make America Great Again” hat on, and he described the moment as just being really wrong.

It all happened on Mother’s day when he’s celebrating in their restaurant with his mother.

Eugenior Joseph:

Eugenior Joseph

Eugenior Joseph

“We’re at Cheesecake factory, we get seated. My girlfriend’s aunt overhears people, says hey guys pay attention, there’s a couple of guys over here talking about Eugenior, talking about his hat. As time went by I looked back at the guy, seemed that he was staring at me. I didn’t think anything of it, I just ignored it. As time went by waitresses and different waiters were coming to our table, they were just being really rude to us. A group of the co-workers started standing behind me and started saying some crazy things. All of us at the table were shocked to hear things like that.”

The Cheesecake Factory released a statement apologizing for the behavior of its employees and they’ve since states that two of the employees at the Dadeland Mall location were terminated over the incident.

The restaurant stated “we are very disappointed to learn that two staff members made disparaging remarks about Mr. Joseph’s hat that made him and his family unwelcome and as a result, those two employees are no longer employed with the company.

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