The Pope in a Rare Movie Appearance

A new movie, Beyond the Sun, is going to be released soon. In fact, it’s out right now on some special digital outlets. It tells the modern day tale of hope, faith, and courage based on stories from the Bible. This is a heartwarming adventure story about a group of young children that embark on a journey to discover God.

The thing that’s interesting about this movie is that Christian filmmakers were asked to create a film that would appeal to children and families and bring a message of hope and joy and God’s love to all audiences. However, the true secret surprise in this movie was the Pope. This is his first time to ever be in a movie, and in case you things you’re imagining things, this is the first movie the Pope agreed to be in, because he loved the story that was behind it. The story is all about finding Jesus and about specifically children finding Jesus; finding the true meaning of faith.

Another Christian film: Indivisible

If you still can’t get enough of faith-based movies stay tuned for a Christian military movie, it’s going to be a phenomenal film. The movie talks about hardships and is based on the life of Army Chaplain Darren Turner, a decorated Iraqi war veteran who comes home and faces an unexpected emotional struggle that threatens his marriage. This is a story about families and marriage, and the focus is military marriages and how hard and tough it is. The amount of divorces that are in those marriages is concerning.

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