Helping the Next Generation Stay Close to Christ

Jen Ledger, the drummer for the Christian rock band Skillet, recently shared how she and her family came to faith. She said of her transformation to faith in Christ and success as a musician: “He just really radically intervened and he changed me. It’s only by His grace and goodness and power that I have achieved anything. It was nothing to do with me and all to do with him.”

Ledger shared how her whole family came to faith through her brother’s attendee at a Christian school in America. Ledger said she had turned away from the Christian faith and thought Christians were hypocrites. But God intervened and He changed her life. After she became a Christian she traveled to America and attended the same school as her brother. It was there that she connected with the Christian music scene, it was there that she tried out to be a part of Skillet.

Jen Ledger

Jen Ledger

Ledger also talked about the amazing platform that God has given her to share the Gospel through the music of Skillet. Now, through her upcoming solo EP titles Ledger, she shared how John and Cory Cooper, who are also members of Skillet, became her mentors. She describes how God used her interest in music and playing the drums to glorify Him. She said she often feels like she’s not talented enough, yet God has clearly blessed her willingness to step out in faith.

She said that only God could have done any of it. A real positive affirmation for you from someone who literally came from not being a Christian and rejecting the ways of God – to turning her heart towards the Lord.

Skillet has been around for a long time and it’s an amazing tool, music, to bring the young generation closer to the church and God.

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