Twitter CEO Against Chick-fil-a

The CEO of Twitter says he was wrong to enjoy a Chick-fil-a meal telling commenters on social media that he’d forgotten about “their” background, referring to the Christian beliefs of the company’s owners. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the social media giant, tweeted a screenshot from his phone, sharing that he had bought something at chick-fil-a using a mobile application. Following a backlash, he claimed to have made a mistake.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey drew a backlash for one of his tweets. He shared a photo of some Chick-fil-a he had bought in L.A. Detractors criticized him for promoting Chick-fil-a during LGBT Pride Month. Dan Cathy, CEO of Atlanta-based Chick-fil-a said: “in 2012 marriage was between a man and a woman”. Dorsey said he “completely forgot about [Chick-fil-a’s] background”.



Elizabeth Johnson, also known as the “activist mommy”, a Christian mom vlogger who has over 600,000 followers on Facebook in annoyed. Johnson tweeted “oh please. What background? A background of running their company with incredible integrity and excellence? The owner of Twitter just got bullied by the LGBT brigade into apologizing for where he ate. America, lift up your voices truth-tellers”.

In an interview, Chick-fil-a CEO Dan Cathy said that he and his company believe in the traditional family and that the definition of marriage is between one man and one woman. The interview set off a controversy with some liberals calling for boycotts of the fast-food chain. Despite the criticism from the left, God is blessing the restaurant. It has surpassed their competition and now has over 2,200 locations nationwide. In 2016 Chick-fil-a was ranked by Fortune as America’s favorite fast-food restaurant.

Twitter and the left wing media should take note.

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