Marilyn Hickey on Church and Fear

Marilyn Hickey has been on TV ministering the Word of God for decades. She now has a show on LoveWorld USA TV spreading the Lord’s Word to all those that will listen. Her show uses scripture and faith to show how glorious a life in Christ truly is.

Why is it important to attend church?

Psalm 92:13 has a very special message. It says those that are planted in the House of the Lord shall flourish and bring forth fruit in their old age. If you don’t go to church and you don’t take your children, your grandchildren to church, you’re not going to flourish. You might say “who are you to tell me that…”

Marilyn has practiced it all her life. Her parents took her to church when she was just a baby. They had her dedicated. When she got married, they went to church. In fact, she started a church with her husband. If you tell Marilyn she can’t flourish, she testifies that she is “very old”, almost 87 years old. She’s doing more in her 80s than in her 40s.

She believes that it’s the Word of God and being planted (not transplanted) in the House of the Lord.

Is Christianity based on fear?

Fear isn’t always a negative thing. It says that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. But fear not only has that “if I don’t do this I’m going to die”, fear also has to do with respect.

We respect our parents, we don’t fear in the sense of “they’re going to bash me into the wall” if I do something wrong. But we respect them. We find out that respect brings very fruitful results.

God made us in His image with free will. He always says if you do one things you will be blessed and if you do the other you can really hurt yourself. So, we say God, I respect what you said to me. Sometimes we want to do our thing but if we will respect God and do his Word, it will turn out wonderfully.

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