LoveWorld Stars Unplugged: Church Hopping

Eben and Martin PK are both music ministers and hosts of the LoveWorld USA show Stars Unpluggedtalking about church hopping. They are both acclaimed musicians and gospels singers who have dedicated their lives to the Lord’s work. They’ve participated in multiple BLW music events and contests aiming to bring the younger generation closer to God. Both leave room in the show for individual testimony and sing their very own singles. It is truly inspiring to see the work of God in the hands of these two hosts. They breathe music and Christ creating beautiful and inspiring music for their audiences.

Church hopping can be an indicator of someone’s personality, way before they began this practice. It indicates that you cannot deal with not getting your way, and when it happens you give up and leave. It shows impatience and the tendency to try and always achieve something fast. It can indicate envy of your fellow church members. Always remember that if you’re not trained you cannot be trusted. In order to get closer to God you must train and become a better person, only then can you be saved.

When you feel like the church owes you something, when you have a sense of entitlement; that is when instability and low faith in the institution occur. People with this thinking come to collect and not to serve.

Martin PK testifies that in the Christ Embassy church they are very much encouraged by the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to be active members and participate in all things church-related. As an example, he references the LIMA awards, where the money given to winners and participants is for encouragements and not an entitlement. If you prove yourself to be faithful the world will open up to you.

The church is your family, your permanent social structure, leaving it is like divorcing your family. This brings to question fraternity and loyalty to your faith and community. The church adopts you as your faith family, abandoning them for another church should be unthinkable.

Stay true to your church and to the family it provides you with. It is what keeps you grounded, purposed, and strengthens your path to Christ. The church is a tool, but you need to use that tool properly for it to be useful in reaching glory.

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